A Mission of Hope, Inc. produces documentary style videos based on the lives of average individuals who pursue what many would consider unobtainable goals given the seemingly insurmountable obstacles surrounding their situation. The organization documents the process of each project on videotape to be used as an inspirational tool as well as a step by step guide for other individuals who may wish to pursue similar goals. Project topics are not limited to a specific area and could entail anything from documenting the path of a homeless person obtaining shelter and employment, to following a family in need as they persevere during difficult times.

The process of project award is as follows: 

  • An application and request for assistance is completed by applicant.
  • Applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors on a yearly or bi-yearly basis (depending on number of applications received and available funds).
  • An individual is awarded assistance.
  • A plan of action is developed with the applicant, an Executive Director of A Mission of Hope, Inc., and any other specific professionals deemed necessary per project.
  • Plan of action is followed and documented on videotape.
  • Footage is edited into documentary style video.
  • Finished projects are made available to public institutions and online for public consumption. Finished projects may also be presented to Public Television as potential programming and/or entered into film festivals and other competitions as determined by award applicant and Board of Directors.
  • Award applicants are required to assist on a subsequent project for A Mission of Hope, Inc.

By creating videos about real people with seemingly unobtainable goals, a Mission of Hope, Inc. helps to promote general well being in individuals who may have had little to no hope prior to their exposure or active participation in such a project. By requiring award recipients to assist in the creation of a subsequent project and promoting the welfare of at least one other person in pursuit of their goal, A Mission of Hope, Inc. helps educate individuals in the profession of video production, generates a sense of positive activism in the community, and cultivates inspiration toward helping others in general. By making these videos available for public consumption, a larger audience has the opportunity to be inspired into action as well, promoting a positive sense of accomplishment for the greater community, and providing living examples of how people working together in promotion of each other can create a more positive world.

All involvement with A Mission of Hope, Inc. is voluntary. There are no paid positions.

A Mission of Hope, Inc.
724 Baldwin
Royal Oak, MI 48067


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